Coast to Country, NSW

After many hours of editing it’s finally online.

‘Coast to Country’ is my latest timelapse film featuring a collection of locations from my travels around NSW, Australia over the past year.

Please enjoy.

Coast to Country – NSW from Ben.Coope on Vimeo.

‘Coast to Country’ is my exploration of NSW in 2014.

25 scenes from across NSW, from the central coast to the snowy mountains and many from my home town of Sydney.
over 17,000 images have been put into the creation of this short film, I hope you enjoy.

All your likes, shares and comments are greatly appreciated.

Footage available for licensing by contacting me through my website,

Music license – Victorious by Benj Heard

Camera gear and software;
Nikon D3100, D90, D800, Samyang 14mm & 8mm, Nikkor 24mm.
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero, MX3
LRTimelapse3, dslrDashBoard, Adobe LR, After Effects, and Premiere Pro

the SUPERMAN Barn Timelapse


The SUPERMAN BARN from Ben.Coope on Vimeo.

Built for the 2006 Superman movie, this Barn is still sitting in a field in outback NSW.

With a group of crazy photography mates we drove over 10hrs just to camp out at this location under the stars and get a chance at capturing this amazing place at sunrise and sunset.

We had tonnes of gear and everyone seems to have some new toy or technique to try out, from gopro drones and timelapse rigs to multiple flashes.

I was testing out a new timelapse workflow for LRTimelapse, hooking up my Nikon D90 to a wifi router and auto ramping the exposure with an android tablet running DSLRDashboard. Which worked out great till I got too far away from the camera and lost the wifi.

Check out everyone elses takes on this place.

Timothy Poulton

Jay Daley

Tim Donnelley

South Coast Adventure

I have been wanting to get down to Bermagui and photograph the coast there for over 3 years. Last weekend I finally made it.
While I edit some of the images I captured here is a short timelapse video of the some of the locations of the weekend.
I used a Dynamic Perceptions timelapse slider for the first time and edited in Adobe Premier Pro (first time as well).