Coast to Country, NSW

After many hours of editing it’s finally online.

‘Coast to Country’ is my latest timelapse film featuring a collection of locations from my travels around NSW, Australia over the past year.

Please enjoy.

Coast to Country – NSW from Ben.Coope on Vimeo.

‘Coast to Country’ is my exploration of NSW in 2014.

25 scenes from across NSW, from the central coast to the snowy mountains and many from my home town of Sydney.
over 17,000 images have been put into the creation of this short film, I hope you enjoy.

All your likes, shares and comments are greatly appreciated.

Footage available for licensing by contacting me through my website,

Music license – Victorious by Benj Heard

Camera gear and software;
Nikon D3100, D90, D800, Samyang 14mm & 8mm, Nikkor 24mm.
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero, MX3
LRTimelapse3, dslrDashBoard, Adobe LR, After Effects, and Premiere Pro

Maroubra Beach

There are so many beautiful beaches in Sydney and so far ive been concentrating on the northern beaches so this year im making the effort to get to some of the beaches to the south.

A few weekends back I visited Maroubra Beach to check it out and see what it had on offer.


photocrati gallery

Culburra Beach July 2011

Spent the weekend at Culburra Beach, man it was cold, not to mention WINDY. It was a huge effort to get myself out of the warmth to take photos in the mornings and at night, but definitly worth it.

Kosciuszko National Park

A few weekends ago we went down to Jindabyne for a weekend for a bit of a break. The lake was full and there is so much to do in the area.

My main purpose was to take some photos so we went into the kosciuszko National Park and took a walk around the Australian alpine. We did the Blue Lake walk which is a 10km round trip from Charlottes pass, carrying my camera gear was an effort but it was definitely worth it as we all felt fantastic after it, tired but fantastic, we also got some nice photos.


Culburra Beach sunrises

These photos were taken in virtually the same spot on Culburra beach (NSW, Australia) at sunrise nearly a year apart.

The first 2 photos were taken in January and the 3rd was taken in October. The purple cast to the 3rd photo is from the cokin filters i was stacking in front of the lens, usually this colour cast is removed but i quite like it in this photo as the sky already had a bruised look to it on that morning from a passing storm.

James & Andressa Maternity Shoot

Went out with my brother and his wife to shoot some maternity photos on Sunday. Had a great time and got some cool photos for them, the ones above are my favorites.

Martini on Black

Had some fun the other day trying to light some glasses with a black background, it was definitely a lot harder than using a  gray/white background.
It was a fight to reduce the reflections in the glass, i was getting a mirror image of the garage walls and myself firing a camera. The shape of the martini glass helped with getting rid of some of the wall reflection etc but i tried a few large wine glasses and they were just like mirrors.

Some of the images came out really well and its always fun to make a massive mess in the garage.

Smashing Apples

I think im going to have to get a big bag of apples.

This just came out too well on the first try, i need to try it again and again with some tweaks, plus its really fun to smash up some fruit.

Shot with a trigger in one hand and a hammer in the other, my camera was hooked up via the Nikon CLS to a SB600 in a softbox to camera left and a Sunpak 5000 behind the backdrop.