Elouera Beach Sunset

Elouera Beach Sunset

Elouera Beach Sunset


I don’t get to shoot many sunsets, but I was lucky enough to be out on the weekend to capture this beautiful light.

2013 Calendar Pre-Order

2013 Ben Coope Photography Calendar Pre-order

 My first calendar was a huge success last year and completely sold out so I am releasing a 2013 Calendar a bit earlier with a new design and some of my best images from 2012.

Many of these images are from a photo trip to South Island, New Zealand earlier this year, it was such an amazing time living out of a camper van and having a different destination to explore each day, we visited so many beautiful landscapes in such a short period I am already planning a trip back to explore some new places and spend some more time at our favorites.

This new 2013 Calendar is ready for Pre-Order, and will be shipped early next week.

The Calendar is $20AUD with $5 domestic shipping and $10 worldwide shipping.

Check out the images below and buy yours with the ‘buy now’ link (quantity can be changed at check out).


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Calendar with Domestic Shipping (AU)

Calendar with Worldwide Shipping


(This 13 month 2013 Calendar is A4 when folded, A3 when displayed on the wall, each month has a differnt image with plently of space for notes and calendar entries.)



Newport South

A few images from Newport the other weekend, I love the rocks on that section of beach.

photocrati gallery

Whale Beach

This year I am making an effort to visit beaches I havent been to (for photography purposes anyway) around Sydney.

Whale Beach is one of Sydney’s most northern beaches, its a bit of a trek to get to during the day so i never really though about getting there for sunrise as I assumed it would take too long and I would be stuck in the car watching a beautiful sunrise while driving. But it turns out its not really that much further than my usual drive to the beaches as between 4-6am on a weekend (sunday especially) there is no traffic and you have to be really unlucky to catch all the traffic lights on the way.

A group of us decided to check out Whale Beach on Sunday morning and loved it, will definitely be going back there again, and further up to Palm beach.


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Dee Why

The area around Long Reef is one of my favorite places for sunrise, I’m going to have to get there for sunset one day too.

The area i like is everything around the Long Reef headland this extends down into Dee Why (northern end of the beach) and over to collaroy pool.
There is so much variety to this section depending on the tides and light that I have never been bored here and I’m always surprised at new rock formations, patterns and compositions even after many visits this last year.
A few weeks back I got down to the northern end of Dee Why for dawn and the colours in the sky were amazing, here are a few photos from that morning.

photocrati gallery


photocrati gallery

Avalon Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches.
A beautiful spot and well worth the extra time it takes to get there (for me anyway). Avalon also has such a great vibe its like being on holidays up the coast in a little beach side town, there are some fantastic places for breakfast too, which is well deserved after a early morning shoot.

2011 Review

Wow what a year…
2011 has been a massive year of photography for me, I’ve been out on a beach for sunrise most weekends since April when i met Gareth Kelly while in Cairns and became addicted to early morning seascapes.

During 2011 I have broken cameras (salt air is not too friendly to electronics), been drenched in icy cold downpours with no wet weather gear and been soaked in salt water too many times, broken tripods, taken some terrible photos, taken some fantastic photos, seen the most magical sunrises and sunsets, missed some amazing sunrises, met some fantastic generous inspiring photographers, completed projects and achieved goals.
All in all it’s been one of the best years of my life, so what did I learn?

Always be prepared
Wet weather gear, windproof jackets and warm clothing is worth more than a few more lenses or another camera when you are on location, comfort is key to being able to think on an icy cold windy night on the NSW south coast (learnt that the hard way), keeping fresh clothes in the car is also a good idea.

Scouting and googling the location is a must, knowing where you are going, what the tides, sun and weather is doing for a morning shoot is so important when you’re arriving somewhere new in the dark.

Find other photographers to talk to, bounce ideas off and critique you’re work, online or face to face.
Photo books are sometimes a better investment than new gear.
Inspiration also comes from everywhere, movies, tv, books, people, it all stimulates your creativity.

Have multiple goals and projects going all the time so there is always something to do or think about. Give yourself deadlines.

Wake up Early
The earlier you arrive at the location the more time you get to setup and find a composition rather then scrambling for any shot you can make before that perfect light disappears.

Don’t wuss out
Going back to bed when its raining etc is always a regret as the sunrises are usually better, and if not, just being up early on an empty beach (or forest, or at a waterfall etc) is the best part of the day.

And the most important thing ive learnt this year is to take more photos, doesn’t matter where or when, just keep at it and enjoy.

Here are the highlights of my 2011 photographically.

photocrati gallery




“Good photographs should be luminous” Len Metcalfphotocrati gallery


photocrati gallery
Newport beach is a great location that i have only recently discovered and over the last few months i have retured a few times.
There is an ocean pool and a small bay at the south end of the beach with lots of fantastic rocks and patterns that are very interesting with the waves breaking over them, then a little further down around the corner there is a massive flat rock shelf that a low tide has some amazing patterns and pools that reflect the sunrise colours like magic, its a really great Sydney location with plenty to keep me coming back.

Changing Turimetta

photocrati gallery

I have visited Turimetta beach many times this year, and each time I’m so surprised at how much the beach changes. The sands move in and out like a slow tide covering and uncovering new rock shelves, creating new and interesting compositions.
Each time I visit I am looking for something new so it really pays off to keep visiting the same locations as you get to know what the high or low tide will bring, what times of day are good from different vantage points and it definitely doesn’t get boring like some non-photographers I know have suggested. Multiple visits to a location also help me track the progress or changes in my vision when I look back and see what I’ve captured on different visits, it is very interesting to see what caught my attention.
At a location like Turimetta or any location that is constantly changed by the elements the photographic opportunities seem endless.