My Snow Mountains

My Snowy Mountains

Alpine Australia has always been a special place for me, growing up skiing and snowboarding it was the place I always looked forward to visiting when the temps got cold. Over the last year I have been lucky to spend some time camping out in the snow with some great mates, exploring more of this region with an overladen backpack and a camera.



Below are a few Behind The Scenes images of my Timelapse gear in the snow.

This has been such an amazing project, slowly gathering footage over an extended period of time and fitting it all together, dealing with the unpredictable weather that the Snowy Mountains gets, and exploring and camping is such beautiful locations. Cant wait to do it all again and release a “My SNOWY MOUNTAINS II”.









Coast to Country – Featured Video on


Very pleased to announce that my latest timelapse video “Coast to Country” was featured as the video of the day on

If you have not seen it yet, check it out on the timelapse page of my site or on vimeo.

Coast to Country, NSW

After many hours of editing it’s finally online.

‘Coast to Country’ is my latest timelapse film featuring a collection of locations from my travels around NSW, Australia over the past year.

Please enjoy.

Coast to Country – NSW from Ben.Coope on Vimeo.

‘Coast to Country’ is my exploration of NSW in 2014.

25 scenes from across NSW, from the central coast to the snowy mountains and many from my home town of Sydney.
over 17,000 images have been put into the creation of this short film, I hope you enjoy.

All your likes, shares and comments are greatly appreciated.

Footage available for licensing by contacting me through my website,

Music license – Victorious by Benj Heard

Camera gear and software;
Nikon D3100, D90, D800, Samyang 14mm & 8mm, Nikkor 24mm.
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero, MX3
LRTimelapse3, dslrDashBoard, Adobe LR, After Effects, and Premiere Pro

Rams Head Ranges


Being blessed with an amazing sunset and calm weather while camping in the Snowy Mountains during September last year was a highlight of 2014 photography-wise for me.

Having found these rocks and this composition near to our camp site earlier in the afternoon keeping the surrounding area free of my boot prints was a constant task as I continued to explore the area.

As the sunset lit up the sky I tried a few compositions and also shot frames to use in the star blend in my previous post.


A night under the stars



Whilst camping in the Snowy Mountains last September with some friends we witnessed an amazing sunset.

As the sun disappeared at this altitude the clouds stayed low in the sky taking on the reds of the sunset whilst up above the deep blue tones of the night sky became visible.

At this point there was something that I really wanted to try, so leaving my tripod setup and being careful not to walk through my composition I walked back to camp for dinner. Lucky the sky stayed clear for what I had in mind and a few hours later I set off to get an image when the stars were out above my chosen rock formation.

I hope you like the results.



Canyoning in the Blue Mountains

1-10-2015_Rocky-Creek_Canyon-1-flat-EditI was lucky enough to spend the day exploring one of the Blue Mountains beautiful canyon systems with some friends and amazing photographers.

These deep dark canyons glow with filtered sunlight and luminous walls of ferns. Capturing the scale and beauty of a place like this is next to impossible, it has to be experienced.

A first look through my images and this one stands out for me, an image of my good friend Jake Anderson taking it all in.

Its finished :) –


So my on going project last year was to photograph 100 sunrises, and I happy say I completed the challenge.

There were a lot of early starts (well 100 actually) and struggles to find new locations but looking back it was the best decision, I had a lot of fun doing this project, I shot a few nice images, and I ticked off a lot of locations that have been on my radar for a long time.

Please check out all the images over at

Time for some sleep ins and maybe a few sunset shoots



100sunrises halfway mark

I am over the half way mark on my 100sunrises project!

Actually i reached the 50 mark awhile back but have been slow to upload the images, will be uploading quite a few more over the next few weeks (everything is still looking on track for reaching the 100).

Head over to 100sunrises to check out the first half of this year.



the SUPERMAN Barn Timelapse


The SUPERMAN BARN from Ben.Coope on Vimeo.

Built for the 2006 Superman movie, this Barn is still sitting in a field in outback NSW.

With a group of crazy photography mates we drove over 10hrs just to camp out at this location under the stars and get a chance at capturing this amazing place at sunrise and sunset.

We had tonnes of gear and everyone seems to have some new toy or technique to try out, from gopro drones and timelapse rigs to multiple flashes.

I was testing out a new timelapse workflow for LRTimelapse, hooking up my Nikon D90 to a wifi router and auto ramping the exposure with an android tablet running DSLRDashboard. Which worked out great till I got too far away from the camera and lost the wifi.

Check out everyone elses takes on this place.

Timothy Poulton

Jay Daley

Tim Donnelley

New Timelapse – Austinmer and Surrounds


Spend the morning at Austinmer for Sunrise and then shot some timelapse in the area. The clouds were so cool.

Elouera Beach Sunset

Elouera Beach Sunset

Elouera Beach Sunset


I don’t get to shoot many sunsets, but I was lucky enough to be out on the weekend to capture this beautiful light.

South Coast Adventure

I have been wanting to get down to Bermagui and photograph the coast there for over 3 years. Last weekend I finally made it.
While I edit some of the images I captured here is a short timelapse video of the some of the locations of the weekend.
I used a Dynamic Perceptions timelapse slider for the first time and edited in Adobe Premier Pro (first time as well).




Hanging Rock in the Mist

13/2/2014  –  Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains


Spent the morning watching the clouds and mists rolling up the valley from hanging rock.

Such a fantastic way to spend a few hours, the 11km round trip hike was not really that bad either 🙂


Hanging-Rock 13-2-2014 from Ben.Coope on Vimeo.

Some images from the morning below as well.







Handmade Ceramics now available online!

Exciting news, my handmade photographic ceramics are now available to order online.

I have been making and selling them at local markets for the last 6 months and they have been very popular

So after many requests and lots of work behind the scenes I am excited to get these online as well.


My Handmade ceramics are a melding of silver leaf, slide film and resin, all layered together to let light bounce around the image and create beautiful solid pieces of art.

Each ceramic is different as the brush strokes and pouring of the resins created different effects.


At the moment I have released a series of B&W ceramics sets (4) online and will be updating soon with a larger ceramic series and a Colour series as well, so keep an eye out.


Check out the new page and the Ceramics here.


Sets of 4

Large Ceramics to be release soon

Large Ceramics to be release soon

Colour Sets to be released soon

Colour Sets to be released soon


Loupe Awards, Herald Sun Article

Over last weekend the Herald Sun did an article on the Loupe awards, my Wanaka IR image which won second place in the amateur landscape section was lucky enough to be included.





Check out the web full article here

100Sunrises – January


Just a quick gallery of my sunrise images from January.

Looks like there is a bit of a theme going on with lots of seascapes and water flow but I love that style at the moment. Its great to look back on the month and figure out what I want to concentrate on in February.



Check out the gallery on for more on each picture and purchase links.

New 2014 Project –



I have a new project this year, I am committed to shooting 100 sunrises. For the last few years I have gotten close but never hit the 100 mark, going to change that this year

check out the updates and what a great January it has been at


Gold at the International Loupe Awards

Received some fantastic news this week.

One of the images I entered into the International Loupe Awards won a Gold Award.

This was my first time entering this competition and my first Gold in an international photography competition.

I almost didn’t enter this year but got a reminder and entered at the eleventh hour and just got my my entries in before the deadline.




Zenith Beach

At the end of last month I was lucky enough to witness this amazing sunrise on the NSW coast.

A huge storm hit the day before and I made the decision to brave the rain and wind to see what sunrise would be like, so glad I did.

I find that I am never disappointed if i get up to shoot the sunrise but always regretful if I hit the snooze button.

Zenith Beach, NSW

Zenith Beach

2014 Calenders – Australian Seascapes

The 2014 Calenders are finally here. check out the images included below and go to the order page to get yours.

These also make fantastic gifts and there is a special discounted price when you order 3 calenders.

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Silver at the 2013 Epson International Pano Awards


This month saw the judging of the 2013 Epson International Pano Awards and after waiting on the results for what seemed like forever I woke up last week to a fantastic suprise.

My image above from Breaker Bay in NZ won a Silver Award!

The goal for this year was to gain a Silver Award so I am stoked with this result.

I received a few more Bronze Awards as well which I will post later on.


Silver at the NSW AIPP Awards

I was honored to receive 3 Silver awards at the Epson NSW Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) awards this year.

The AIPP awards are one of the only photography competitions where you must submit a print, and all judging is based on the print itself not on a digital image viewed on a monitor.

This means the final product you are producing is judged on colour balance, sharpness, overall image impact/message, print quality, everything that a customer would see when viewing a print. If a photographer slips up on any of these areas being judged it affects their final score.

So as well as producing an image that will impress the judging panel there are the added factors of print quality and production to stress over.

These awards are really worthwhile, they push me get the best possible image and print I can and to receive the recognition of 3 Silver awards is amazing.


These are my awarded images.




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2013 Calendar Pre-Order

2013 Ben Coope Photography Calendar Pre-order

 My first calendar was a huge success last year and completely sold out so I am releasing a 2013 Calendar a bit earlier with a new design and some of my best images from 2012.

Many of these images are from a photo trip to South Island, New Zealand earlier this year, it was such an amazing time living out of a camper van and having a different destination to explore each day, we visited so many beautiful landscapes in such a short period I am already planning a trip back to explore some new places and spend some more time at our favorites.

This new 2013 Calendar is ready for Pre-Order, and will be shipped early next week.

The Calendar is $20AUD with $5 domestic shipping and $10 worldwide shipping.

Check out the images below and buy yours with the ‘buy now’ link (quantity can be changed at check out).


[nggallery id=1]


Calendar with Domestic Shipping (AU)

Calendar with Worldwide Shipping


(This 13 month 2013 Calendar is A4 when folded, A3 when displayed on the wall, each month has a differnt image with plently of space for notes and calendar entries.)



Tree Root Detail

From a hike in the Blue Mountains, a little Tree root detail in the Valley of the Waters.

I have been taking a lot of B&W images lately, well colour images with the express intent of converting to B&W later, sometimes you just know that B&W is going to show up the details and themes in an image better than colour can. The textures and twisted patterns of these tree roots get lost in the greens and browns of the colour image, but come through clearer in the B&W.

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Ulladulla Rockpool

I spent a few days down the south coast at Ulladulla with family at the begining of march, lots of great photo locations down there. I love traveling to different places and going exploring, I’m always itching to go and find new local locations and re-visit old favorites to try new compositions and see what weather and time of year can bring to a location.

NSW South Coast Landscape, Fine Art Landscape Photography

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Govetts leap, Grose Valley, Dawn

Early morning in the blue mountains near Govetts Leap.

Blue Mountains Landscape Photographer Govetts Leap at Dawn

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Wilson Bay NZ

Recently I had a chance to go through my images from April’s NZ trip and found this one, I have had this image in the back of my head for awhile now and havent been able to get to it, so glad i found a few hours to go through the back log of images that i have taken so far this year.

When i shot this image I shot it with B&W conversion in mind, couldn’t even consider it in colour and I think it works perfectly, the B&W shows up the contrasts of the early morning light spilling over the mountains out of the frame to camera left and striking this hill side showing up all the texture of these amazing NZ mountains.

Wilson Bay, New Zealand Photography, Fine art Landscape Photographer

Planning on printing this one really big, cant wait to see it once its done. If you are interested in prints please let me know.

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