Culburra Beach July 2011

Spent the weekend at Culburra Beach, man it was cold, not to mention WINDY. It was a huge effort to get myself out of the warmth to take photos in the mornings and at night, but definitly worth it.

Curl Curl Sunrise 5/6/2011

There were some big waves at Nth Curl Curl a few weekends ago, the sun hit this 1 set perfectly as it crashed on the rocks but after that the light went flat and i went home for breakfast.

Shelly Beach 5/15/2011

Couple of shots from an early morning at Shelly Beach in Sydney.

I think i took too many cameras with me but luckily the carpark is really close.
While waiting for a long exposure I played around with an infrared converted D70s (self portrait, pic 4) and also shot a few rolls of 120 with my old Hasselblad, its film so I have to wait and see what they come out like but I love using that camera as it has the best finder ever (pic 3) and film is awesome.

Turimetta Sunrise 7-5-2011

Turimetta Beach 28-5-2011

Got up early last weekend and went down to Turimetta beach for sunrise, was a little disapointed with the cloud cover, when i left my house at 4:30am the clouds overhead were nice and wispy (40 mins from beaches) and at the beach there were NO clouds except the band along the horizon šŸ™ . Im still waiting for a really dramatic sky so will have a few more early mornings at Turimetta in the future. I liked these images best.

Palmcove Long Exposure

Palmcove Long Exposure landscape
I have always wanted to try a long exposure from under a Pier/Wharf with the waves going to mist. I recently bought a B+W 10 stop ND filter after staring at Michael Levin’s work for hours so i could have a go at long exposures during the day.
While on Holidays in Nth Queensland i came accross this pier in Palmcove and for once i had a tripod with me and a few minutes to spare, i took 3 frames and this was the best, its not super sharp as i had to hold the shutter for 210 seconds with my finger (forgot my release cable), but i think it came out pretty well. I am definitely planning to use the ND110 for some more photos soon.

Infrared Sydney

Ive been taking my IR converted Nikon D70s to work lately, i love how it can make boring midday lunchtime light look interesting.

Here are some of my favorite from a photowalk a few days ago.

Ellis Beach Sunrise

I was lucky enough to shoot with Gareth Kelly last week while on holiday in Cairns, Nth Queensland.

Waking up at 4:25am while on holiday was hard but once we were out on the highway on the way to Ellis Beach (just north of Cairns) i knew it was going to be worth it, the clouds that has been hanging around the previous day were clearing up and the sunrise was looking like it would be a good one.

A few hours with Gareth was a great way to spend an otherwise wasted morning while on holiday (well a sleep in is nice) he answered all my questions, what printer/paper he uses, traveling with film cameras, planning photo trips, operating a large format field camera, and many many more, we got some great photos in a location i wouldn’t have known existed and i was back before my wife woke up, perfect morning.

Some of my favourite images from the morning are above, Enjoy.

Kosciuszko National Park

A few weekends ago we went down to Jindabyne for a weekend for a bit of a break. The lake was full and there is so much to do in the area.

My main purpose was to take some photos so we went into the kosciuszko National Park and took a walk around the Australian alpine. We did the Blue Lake walk which is a 10km round trip from Charlottes pass, carrying my camera gear was an effort but it was definitely worth it as we all felt fantastic after it, tired but fantastic, we also got some nice photos.


Culburra Beach sunrises

These photos were taken in virtually the same spot on Culburra beach (NSW, Australia) at sunrise nearly a year apart.

The first 2 photos were taken in January and the 3rd was taken in October. The purple cast to the 3rd photo is from the cokin filters i was stacking in front of the lens, usually this colour cast is removed but i quite like it in this photo as the sky already had a bruised look to it on that morning from a passing storm.

Kerry & Trent Maternity Shoot

Had a great day with Kerry and Trent at Lake Paramatta, we arrived there late in the afternoon and got some good shots in before the light disapeared. Looking back we only just made this shoot, Kerry had a little baby girl a few days later, congratulations.

James & Andressa Maternity Shoot

Went out with my brother and his wife to shoot some maternity photos on Sunday. Had a great time and got some cool photos for them, the ones above are my favorites.

Martini on Black

Had some fun the other day trying to light some glasses with a black background, it was definitely a lot harder than using aƃā€šĆ‚Ā  gray/white background.
It was a fight to reduce the reflections in the glass, i was getting a mirror image of the garage walls and myself firing a camera. The shape of the martini glass helped with getting rid of some of the wall reflection etc but i tried a few large wine glasses and they were just like mirrors.

Some of the images came out really well and its always fun to make a massive mess in the garage.

Smashing Apples

I think im going to have to get a big bag of apples.

This just came out too well on the first try, i need to try it again and again with some tweaks, plus its really fun to smash up some fruit.

Shot with a trigger in one hand and a hammer in the other, my camera was hooked up via the Nikon CLS to a SB600 in a softbox to camera left and a Sunpak 5000 behind the backdrop.