Handmade Ceramics now available online!

Exciting news, my handmade photographic ceramics are now available to order online.

I have been making and selling them at local markets for the last 6 months and they have been very popular

So after many requests and lots of work behind the scenes I am excited to get these online as well.


My Handmade ceramics are a melding of silver leaf, slide film and resin, all layered together to let light bounce around the image and create beautiful solid pieces of art.

Each ceramic is different as the brush strokes and pouring of the resins created different effects.


At the moment I have released a series of B&W ceramics sets (4) online and will be updating soon with a larger ceramic series and a Colour series as well, so keep an eye out.


Check out the new page and the Ceramics here.



Sets of 4

Large Ceramics to be release soon

Large Ceramics to be release soon

Colour Sets to be released soon

Colour Sets to be released soon