Pacific Bay

The closest beach to my hotel in coffs harbour was this unnamed beach, well it wasnt named on any map i could find. Its part of the Pacific Bay resort though so i figure Pacific Bay is a good name.

It was quite a small beach but had plenty of rocks and big surf creating some action.

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Silver at the NSW AIPP Print Awards


I entered the NSW AIPP awards for the first time this year, and just got the results back.

Totally stoked that I received a Silver award for my landscape image ‘Ascension.

Was a very interesting experience preparing the images for the awards and going through a different thought process to get them ready. Making sure that there is a point of interest (a clearly defined one and not just a pretty picture), checking print quality, colours, sharpness, composition, story etc. These are things that go through my mind with all the images I take but when going through my favorite images to pick the ones to enter in an award there is so much more emphasis put onto each component it completly changes what you think will do well, and of course it depends on the judges.

It was a great experience and I will definitely be entering next year.

Mona Vale

I spent dawn at Mona Vale beach, was going for some compositions with just breaking waves in the forground, luckly there was some good cloud cover about.

Which is not suprising with the rainy summer we have been having in Sydney this year, but rain means clounds and clouds mean a better chance at fantastic colours at sunrise so i dont think any landscape photographers are complaining.

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Sawtell Beach

I spent some time up the coast near Coffs Harbour over Christmas last year, it was amazing to get up each morning and checkout a new location and another beautiful sunrise.

This was what my Christmas morning looked like last year, sunrise on Sawtell beach.

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Newport South

A few images from Newport the other weekend, I love the rocks on that section of beach.

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