Saphire Beach

Been going through some photos i took on holiday at Christmas, theres a tonne of locations i havent edited yet, this is the first of them. Saphire Beach NSW, just past Coffs Harbour.

I think im going through a Black and White phase, a lot of the images i edit end up being B&W at the moment, but i like em.

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Whale Beach

This year I am making an effort to visit beaches I havent been to (for photography purposes anyway) around Sydney.

Whale Beach is one of Sydney’s most northern beaches, its a bit of a trek to get to during the day so i never really though about getting there for sunrise as I assumed it would take too long and I would be stuck in the car watching a beautiful sunrise while driving. But it turns out its not really that much further than my usual drive to the beaches as between 4-6am on a weekend (sunday especially) there is no traffic and you have to be really unlucky to catch all the traffic lights on the way.

A group of us decided to check out Whale Beach on Sunday morning and loved it, will definitely be going back there again, and further up to Palm beach.


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Maroubra Beach

There are so many beautiful beaches in Sydney and so far ive been concentrating on the northern beaches so this year im making the effort to get to some of the beaches to the south.

A few weekends back I visited Maroubra Beach to check it out and see what it had on offer.


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The Misty Mountains

A few weekends ago i spent the a day Canyoning in the Blue Mountains. Jenni and I did Empress Canyon with ASM as an introduction and absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately i could not take pictures, my water proof setup is huge (D90 in a pelican case) so with the large group we went with it would have slowed everyone down to get the camera out and dry my hands etc and i don’t have a waterproof compact (i think a GoPro Hero would be perfect for a small camera in a canyon).

But since it was an amazing misty day i did get to take photos around Katoomba later in the evening, it was great to wander around the mountains in the mist with nobody about (that i could see anyways, the mist was that think). These are some of the photos.


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