Glenbrook Gorge

I visited Glenbrook gorge in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney, with a group of photographers from Lens School, for the first time last week.
It was nice to try something a little bit different and take some photos away from the beaches for a day. I’m looking forward to re-visiting the gorge in early morning or late evening light to see how the massive orange cliffs light up with a low sun angle.
I also took some B&W photos with my film camera which was lots of fun, starting a B&W landscape project over the next few months.

photocrati gallery


“Good photographs should be luminous” Len Metcalfphotocrati gallery


photocrati gallery
Newport beach is a great location that i have only recently discovered and over the last few months i have retured a few times.
There is an ocean pool and a small bay at the south end of the beach with lots of fantastic rocks and patterns that are very interesting with the waves breaking over them, then a little further down around the corner there is a massive flat rock shelf that a low tide has some amazing patterns and pools that reflect the sunrise colours like magic, its a really great Sydney location with plenty to keep me coming back.

2012 Calendar

I’ve finally finished it, my first calendar has just arrived from the printers.
And it looks fantastic, it contains 12 seascapes/landscapes from the east coast of Australia, all captured during 2011.
Check out the thumbnail previews below.
If you would like to purchase a calendar from this limited edition print run please contact me, the price is $20 (including AU postage).

photocrati gallery

Changing Turimetta

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I have visited Turimetta beach many times this year, and each time I’m so surprised at how much the beach changes. The sands move in and out like a slow tide covering and uncovering new rock shelves, creating new and interesting compositions.
Each time I visit I am looking for something new so it really pays off to keep visiting the same locations as you get to know what the high or low tide will bring, what times of day are good from different vantage points and it definitely doesn’t get boring like some non-photographers I know have suggested. Multiple visits to a location also help me track the progress or changes in my vision when I look back and see what I’ve captured on different visits, it is very interesting to see what caught my attention.
At a location like Turimetta or any location that is constantly changed by the elements the photographic opportunities seem endless.