Curl Curl Sunrise 5/6/2011

There were some big waves at Nth Curl Curl a few weekends ago, the sun hit this 1 set perfectly as it crashed on the rocks but after that the light went flat and i went home for breakfast.

Shelly Beach 5/15/2011

Couple of shots from an early morning at Shelly Beach in Sydney.

I think i took too many cameras with me but luckily the carpark is really close.
While waiting for a long exposure I played around with an infrared converted D70s (self portrait, pic 4) and also shot a few rolls of 120 with my old Hasselblad, its film so I have to wait and see what they come out like but I love using that camera as it has the best finder ever (pic 3) and film is awesome.

Turimetta Sunrise 7-5-2011

Turimetta Beach 28-5-2011

Got up early last weekend and went down to Turimetta beach for sunrise, was a little disapointed with the cloud cover, when i left my house at 4:30am the clouds overhead were nice and wispy (40 mins from beaches) and at the beach there were NO clouds except the band along the horizon 🙁 . Im still waiting for a really dramatic sky so will have a few more early mornings at Turimetta in the future. I liked these images best.

Palmcove Long Exposure

Palmcove Long Exposure landscape
I have always wanted to try a long exposure from under a Pier/Wharf with the waves going to mist. I recently bought a B+W 10 stop ND filter after staring at Michael Levin’s work for hours so i could have a go at long exposures during the day.
While on Holidays in Nth Queensland i came accross this pier in Palmcove and for once i had a tripod with me and a few minutes to spare, i took 3 frames and this was the best, its not super sharp as i had to hold the shutter for 210 seconds with my finger (forgot my release cable), but i think it came out pretty well. I am definitely planning to use the ND110 for some more photos soon.

Infrared Sydney

Ive been taking my IR converted Nikon D70s to work lately, i love how it can make boring midday lunchtime light look interesting.

Here are some of my favorite from a photowalk a few days ago.