James & Andressa Maternity Shoot

Went out with my brother and his wife to shoot some maternity photos on Sunday. Had a great time and got some cool photos for them, the ones above are my favorites.

Martini on Black

Had some fun the other day trying to light some glasses with a black background, it was definitely a lot harder than using a  gray/white background.
It was a fight to reduce the reflections in the glass, i was getting a mirror image of the garage walls and myself firing a camera. The shape of the martini glass helped with getting rid of some of the wall reflection etc but i tried a few large wine glasses and they were just like mirrors.

Some of the images came out really well and its always fun to make a massive mess in the garage.

Smashing Apples

I think im going to have to get a big bag of apples.

This just came out too well on the first try, i need to try it again and again with some tweaks, plus its really fun to smash up some fruit.

Shot with a trigger in one hand and a hammer in the other, my camera was hooked up via the Nikon CLS to a SB600 in a softbox to camera left and a Sunpak 5000 behind the backdrop.